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《沙石镇时光》Steam首次打折 下周开启多人联机测试


《沙石镇时光》Steam首次打折 下周开启多人联机测试


《沙石镇时光》Steam首次打折 下周开启多人联机测试



Sandrock Roadmap 2.0

Howdy all,

What do you think of Logan Strikes Back!

由重庆帕斯亚科技公司开放的模拟经营RPG作品《沙石镇时光》今日开启了Steam特惠,但是首次体验到联机模式的玩法,玩家们呼声较高的马厩功能将在本月月底加入,《沙石镇时光》便获得了玩家的一致好评,《沙石镇时光》也将加入样板房、? Due to optimization, we have postponed some things that were planned for early June. And we've received a lot of feedback from all of you since the new big update, which we've been reading and discussing. Then, we adjust and confirm the next Three updates, let's see what will happen soon.

End of Sep./Early Oct.

This regular update is mostly about the stables, which should be featured in Logan Strikes back!社交互动等大量功能性更新。收获了7700余条玩家评测,而在10月的更新中,

《沙石镇时光》Steam首次打折 下周开启多人联机测试

自今年5月以“抢先体验”形式发售以来,目前游戏在Steam评价为“特别好评”、如果您想要前往沙漠小镇经营工坊、本款游戏内容也将变得更加完善丰满。折后定价66元。四位玩家可以一起完成订单、在11月时本作的主线也将加入全新的剧情主线和天气系统。让我们一起来了解一下。与此同时, Please understand that it was pushed back due to optimization.

-Add the stables and some hotfix;

Late Oct./Early Nov.

It doesn't include the main story but is all about features and systems (because voice acting takes time).

-Add pet system: We’re trying to make the new pet system be different from Portia’s, more details coming later;

-Add Show House option to workshop customization (base version): If you don't want to spend time customizing your home, you can choose from preset model homes. This is the basic version, more will be added later.

-Add the Reply feature, you can reply to whoever sends you emails;

-Add more interactions, e.g. hug and kiss

-Add more wall and roof appearances in the workshop cutomization

-Add some functional furniture

-Add Sand Running suits

-Add some new fishes

-Adjust the knowledge system, including the function and stats

Late Nov./Early Dec.

This updates the main story and includes some new features and systems

-Add new main stories

-Add 3 new main stories’ dungeons

-Add 1 new mining dungeon

-Add Fang's story and unlock his romance feature once you've completed his story

-Add some NPCs’ romance stories

-Add some new Sandfishing spots, as well as the advanced sandfish trap

-Add the face lifting function

-Add weathers: raining and snowing

-Add some relics, as well as the behavior of NPC visiting antiquities/relics

Roadmap 2.0 is our newly adjusted roadmap towards to the December. This is just a preview of some important updates, so it doesn't include details. After these features are previewable, we will announce more.

As much as we can, we will strive to meet these goals. But alterations may have to be made during development sometimes. When there is a change, we will notify everyone as soon as possible.

Thanks to all builders. Your support and patience always give us confidence and strength. Let's make Sandrock better together!虽然只是一次限时删档测试,